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Location Index

The following indices include all locations extracted from the literature in the database where fiddler crabs have been reported. The first list includes all modern names in a rough, hierarchical framework, mostly by country and subregions within country. Bodies of water which cannot be associated with a single country are listed independently. The hierarchy is imperfect because some observations were general enough to cross political or other structural boundaries. To deal with this, sublocations may contain duplicate listings within the hierarchy. Such duplicates are marked by a * and do not display further sublocations under these duplicate entries within the index (although all sublocations are included on all location-specific pages).

The second list is strictly alphabetical and includes archaic and older place names.

Each location is expressed as a single pair of coordinates, so all plotted points should only be viewed as an approximate location. Generally, a point on the shore was chosen to represent each locality, but occasionally an interior land point may have been chosen when no single shore point made sense, for example, in the case of a record on an island.

Species lists for each area are automatically generated from the database and take advantage of the hierarchical structure to fill in species for larger containing areas. These lists may be incomplete due to the imperfect nature of the hierachy; similarly, a listed species for a large area may only be found in a small part of the total region.

Locations marked by represent place names from the literature which could not be identified or associated with a modern name or place.

Hierarchical List of Modern Location Names

Alphabetical List of All Location Names