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Macnae (1968)

Macnae, W. (1968) A general account of the fauna and flora of mangrove swamps and forests in the Indo-West-Pacific region. Pp. 73–270 in Advances in Marine Biology, F.S. Russell and M. Yonge, eds., Volume 6. London: Academic Press.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca angustifrons text p. 229 citation: Tweedie (1954)Uca angustifrons Uca bellator Computed  
Uca arcuata text p. 206, 211 citation: Ono (1965)Uca arcuata Uca arcuata Computed  
Uca bellator text p. 174, 176, 203, 210-212, 231 citation: Verwey (1930)Uca signatus Uca bellator Computed  
    location: Australia TBD    
Uca chlorophthalmus text p. 176 location: Micronesia TBD    
Uca coarctata text p. 105, 179, 181, 211, 231 location: Australia TBD    
    location: Western Malaysia TBD    
Uca consobrinus text p. 210 citation: Verwey (1930)Uca consobrinus Uca annulipes Computed  
Uca dussumieri text p. 105, 172, 179, 181, 202-205, 231-232 location: Australia TBD    
    location: Madagascar TBD    
    location: Western Malaysia TBD    
Uca gaimardi text p. 105, 176, 181, 209-210 citation: Edney (1961)Uca urvillei Uca urvillei Computed  
    location: Mozambique Uca chlorophthalmus Synonymy/
Uca inversa text p. 101, 174, 203, 209-211, 225 citation: Edney (1961)Uca inversa Uca inversa Computed  
    location: Mozambique Uca inversa Original  
Uca lactea text p. 172, 174, 201-203, 206, 210-211, 224, 230-231 citation: Ono (1965)Uca lactea Uca lactea Computed  
    location: Australia Uca perplexa Geography  
Uca lactea f. annulipes text p. 92, 101-102, 105, 172, 174, 204-205, 209-210 citation: Edney (1961)Uca annulipes Uca occidentalis Computed  
    location: Mozambique Uca occidentalis Geography  
Uca longidigitum text p. 211-212 citation: Snelling (1959)Uca longidigitum Uca longidigitum Computed  
Uca manii text p. 105, 176 location: Western Malaysia TBD    
Uca minax text p. 202-203 citation: Miller (1961)Uca minax Uca minax Computed  
Uca pugilator text p. 202-203 citation: Miller (1961)Uca pugilator Uca pugilator Computed  
Uca pugnax text p. 202-203 citation: Miller (1961)Uca pugnax Uca pugnax Computed  
Uca rhizophorae text p. 180, 229 citation: Tweedie (1954)Uca rhizophorae Uca rhizophorae Computed  
    location: Borneo Uca rhizophorae Original  
Uca rosea text p. 105, 176, 180, 229 citation: Tweedie (1954)Uca rosea TBD Computed  
    location: Western Malaysia TBD    
Uca sp. text p. 181 location: Queensland, Australia Uca polita MSR “pink claw”
Uca sp. text p. 181, 232 location: Northern and Western Australia Uca flammula MSR Undescribed species, “with legs of a brilliant orange red and back of a dark reddish-purplish-brown.”
Uca triangularis text p. 105, 180 location: Western Malaysia Uca triangularis Original  
Uca triangularis var. variabilis text p. 180 location: Borneo Uca triangularis Synonymy  
Uca universa text p. 92 location: Mozambique Uca inversa Original typo
Uca urvillei text p. 105, 181, 202-205, 209-210, 225, 232 citation: Edney (1961)Uca chlorophthalmus Uca chlorophthalmus Computed  
    location: Mozambique Uca urvillei Original  
Uca vocans text p. 203, 209-211, 224 citation: Desmarest (1823)Gelasimus Marionis Uca vocans Computed  
    citation: Edney (1961)Uca marionis Uca hesperiae Computed  
    citation: Snelling (1959)Uca marionis Uca vomeris Computed  
    location: Indo-Pacific Uca vocans Original  

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