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Ewa-Oboho, I.O. (1993) Substratum preference of the tropical estuarine crabs, Uca tangeri Eydoux (Ocypodidae) and Ocypode cursor Linne (Ocypodidae). Hydrobiologia 271(2):119–127.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca text p. 125 citation: Herreid (1969) Uca Computed  
    citation: Icely & Jones (1978) Uca Computed  
    citation: Macintosh (1984) Uca Computed  
    citation: Macnae (1968) Uca Computed  
    citation: Warner (1969) Uca Computed  
Uca tangeri text p. 119-126 citation: Ekweozor (1985) TBD Computed  
    citation: Ewa-Oboho (1988) TBD Computed  
    citation: Holthuis (1981)Uca tangeri Uca tangeri Computed in part
    citation: Manning & Holthuis (1981) TBD Computed  
    citation: Monod (1956)Uca tangeri Uca tangeri Computed in part
    citation: Ombu (1987) TBD Computed  
    citation: Powell (1983) TBD Computed  
    location: Bonny Estuary, Nigeria Uca tangeri Original