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Uca rosea

Locations Where the Name has Been Applied

Number of Uses of Name per Year

Publications Using this Name

Citation Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Tweedie (1954) text p. 118 location: Singapore TBD    
    location: Western Malaysia TBD    
Crane (1957) text p. 71, 79-80 location: Penang, Malaysia Uca rosea Original  
Crane (1966) text p. 468   Uca rosea Original  
Macnae (1968) text p. 105, 176, 180, 229 location: Western Malaysia TBD    
    citation: Tweedie (1954)Uca rosea TBD Computed  
von Hagen (1970) text p. 23 citation: Tweedie (1937)Gelasimus roseus Uca rosea Computed  
Lundoer (1974) text p. 8 specimen: Phuket Island, Thailand Uca forcipata Frith & Frith (1977)  
Sasekumar (1974) text p. 60-61, 63, 68 location: Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Uca rosea Original  
Hartnoll (1988) text p. 479-482 citation: Macintosh (1982) TBD Computed  
Rosenberg (2001) text p. 842, 844-845, 849-850, 860, 868-869 citation: Suzawa et al. (1993) TBD Computed  
    citation: Crane (1975)Uca (Deltuca) [coarctata] urvillei Uca rosea Computed in part
    specimen: [USNM 138099] Uca rosea Original  
    citation: Bott (1973)Mesuca (Latuca) rosea Uca rosea Computed