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ICZN (1983) Opinion 1262. Cancer vocans major Herbst, 1782 (Crustacea, Decapoda): Neotype designated under the plenary powers. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 40(4):200–201.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Cancer vocans major text p. 200 citation: Crane (1975)Uca (Uca) [major] major Uca tangeri Computed in part
    citation: Holthuis (1979) TBD Computed  
    citation: Milne Edwards (1837)Gelasimus platydactylus [Cayenne, French Guiana] Uca major Computed  
    citation: Shaw & Nodder (1802)Cancer uka Uca tangeri Computed  
Gelasimus tangeri text p. 200 citation: Eydoux (1835)Gelasimus Tangeri Uca tangeri Computed  

This Publication is Cited By

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