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Suiken, K. (~1826) Kai-ka rui siya-sin.

This is the collection of drawings given by Suiken to Siebold in 1826. Most, if not all, of the drawings were reproductions from earlier works, some of which were by other artists. Of the five fiddler crab illustrations in this manuscript, at least four are originally by Suiken (the male Uca lactea may not be).

The Japanese names are from Suiken; Latin names, when given, were added by Siebold.

These were used, in part, by de Haan when describing the Japanese Crustacea.

Language: Japanese

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Common Name(s) Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
  Tenbo-gani; Shiomaneki plate 5: figures 33-35 citation: Suiken (?). Uca arcuata Computed Three different figures of male crabs. Tenbo-gani = “one handed man crab”; Shiomaneki = “tide beckoning crab”
Ocypode   plate 2: figure 12 citation: Yoritaka (~1762-1770). Uca lactea Computed Male crab.
Ocypode (Gelasimus) Kometsuki-gani; Shiomaneki plate 2: figure 11 citation: Yoritaka (~1762-1770). Uca lactea Computed Female crab. Kometsuki-gani = “rice-cleaning crab”; Shiomaneki = “tide beckoning crab”

This Publication is Cited By

Yamaguchi & Holthuis (2001), de Haan (1833-1850)