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Nässel, D.R., S. Shiga, C.J. Mohrherr, and K.R. Rao (1993) Pigment-dispersing hormone-like peptide in the nervous system of the flies Phormia and Drosophila: Immunocytochemistry and partial characterization. Journal of Comparative Neurology 331(2):183–198.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca pugilator text p. 183-185, 193 citation: Fingerman et al. (1967)Uca pugilator Uca pugilator Computed  
    citation: Rao et al. (1985) TBD Computed  
      Uca pugilator Original no location of specimens stated