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Miers (1884)

Miers, E.J. (1884) Collections from the Western Indian Ocean: Crustacea. Pp. 513–575 in Report of the zoological collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the voyage of the H.M.S. 'Alert,' 1881-1882. London

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Gelasimus annulipes text p. 541 location: Bacan, Maluku Islands, Indonesia TBD    
    location: Durban Bay, South Africa TBD    
    location: Mahé, Seychelles TBD    
    location: Sulawesi, Indonesia TBD    
    location: Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia TBD    
    location: Zambesi River, Mozambique TBD    
Gelasimus annulipes var. albimana text p. 541 citation: Kossmann (1877)Gelasimus annulipes var. albimana Uca albimana Computed  
Gelasimus dussumieri text p. 541-542 citation: Hilgendorf (1869)Gelasimus Dussumieri TBD Computed in part
    citation: Hoffmann (1874)Gelasimus Dussumieri Uca dussumieri Computed in part
    citation: Milne Edwards (1852)Gelasimus Dussumieri Uca dussumieri Computed in part
    location: Mahé, Seychelles TBD    
    location: New Caledonia TBD    
Gelasimus tetragonon text p. 541   TBD    
Gelasimus vocans text p. 541   TBD    

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