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Latreille (1818)

Latreille, P.A. (1818) Crustaces, arachnides et insectes. Explication des planches. in Tableau encyclopedique et methodique des trois regnes de la nature. Paris: Agasse.

The figure is an uncited reproduction from Seba (1758).

Language: French

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Cancer uca text p. 1; plate 269: figure 4 citation: Latreille ??? TBD Computed  
    citation: Linnaeus (1766)Cancer uca Ucides cordatus Computed  
Gelasima Maracoani text p. 1; plate 275: figure 7 specimen: unknown locality Uca tangeri MSR The figure is an uncited reproduction from Seba (1758).
    specimen: unknown locality Uca maracoani Original  

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