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Faxon, W. (1895) Reports on an exploration off the west coasts of Mexico, Central and South America, and off the Galapagos Islands, in charge of Alexander Agassiz, by the U.S. Fish Commission steamer “Albatross,” during 1891, Lieut.-Commander Z.L. Tanner, U.S.N. commanding. XV. The stalk-eyed Crustacea. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy at Harvard College 18:1–292.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Gelasimus gracilis text p. 236 location: Eastern Pacific Ocean Uca crenulata Synonymy  
Gelasimus heterocheles text p. 235 citation: Kingsley (1880)Gelasimus heterocheles Uca tangeri Computed in part
Gelasimus maracoani text p. 235 citation: Kingsley (1880)Gelasimus maracoani Uca maracoani Computed in part
Gelasimus pugnax text p. 236 location: Atlantic coast of North America Uca pugnax Original in part
Gelasimus stenodactylus text p. 235 citation: Kingsley (1880)Gelasimus stenodactylus TBD Computed in part
Gelasimus vocator text p. 235 citation: Kingsley (1880)Gelasimus vocator Uca vocans Computed in part