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Burkenroad, M.D. (1947) Production of sound by the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator Bosc, with remarks on its nocturnal mating behaviour. Ecology 28(4):458–462.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca batuenta text p. 461 citation: Crane (1941)Uca batuenta Uca batuenta Computed  
Uca inaequalis text p. 461 citation: Crane (1941)Uca inaequalis Uca inaequalis Computed  
Uca musica text p. 460 citation: Rathbun (1915)Uca musica Uca musica Computed in part
Uca pugilator text p. 458-461 citation: Crane (1943)Uca pugilator Uca pugilator Computed  
    citation: Dembowski (1926)Uca pugilator Uca pugilator Computed  
    location: Long Island, New York, USA Uca pugilator Original  
    location: Pivers Island, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA Uca pugilator Original  
Uca saltitanta text p. 461 citation: Crane (1941)Uca saltitanta Uca saltitanta Computed  

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