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Artal, P. (2008) Uca miocenica (Crustacea, Decapoda), nueva especie del Mioceno de la Prov. de Barcelona (Cataluña, España). Scripta Musei Geologici Seminarii Barcinonensis, Series Palaeontologica 6:3–16.

Language: Spanish [with English abstract/summary]

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca text p. 4-5, 10, 15 citation: Beinlich & von Hagen (2006) Uca Original  
    citation: Beinlich & von Hagen (2006) Uca Original subgenus
    citation: Brito (1972) Uca Original  
    citation: Rathbun (1926) Uca Original  
    citation: Rosenberg (2001) Uca Original  
Uca maracoani text p. 10   Uca maracoani Original  
Uca maracoani antiqua text p. 3, 9, 15 citation: Brito (1972)Uca maracoani antiqua Uca antiqua Computed  
Uca miocenica text p. 3, 7-15; Figures 1-6 [MGSB 68653, 68654] specimen: Rubí, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain [Miocence] Uca miocenica Original fossil; type description
Uca monilifera text p. 10 location: Gulf of California, Mexico Uca monilifera Original  
Uca oldroydi text p. 9, 15 citation: Rathbun (1926)Uca oldroydi Uca oldroydi Computed  
Uca tangeri text p. 5, 10 location: Portugal Uca tangeri Original  
    location: Spain Uca tangeri Original