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Aoki et al. (2009)

Aoki, M., H. Imai, and K. Wada (2009) Newly recorded populations of Uca arcuata (Decapoda: Ocypodidae) in Okinawajima Island and their genetic structure. Japanese Journal of Benthology 64:10–14.

Language: Japanese with English summary

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca arcuata text p. 10-13 citation: Crane (1975)Uca (Deltuca) [coarctata] arcuata Uca arcuata Computed in part
    citation: Ono (1965)Uca arcuata Uca arcuata Computed  
    location: Japan Uca arcuata Original  
Uca coarctata text p. 12   Uca coarctata Original  
Uca crassipes text p. 12   Uca crassipes Original  
Uca dussumieri text p. 12   Uca dussumieri Original  
Uca lactea text p. 10 citation: Crane (1975)Uca (Celuca) lactea lactea Uca annulipes Computed in part
Uca perplexa text p. 12   Uca perplexa Original  
Uca vocans text p. 12   Uca vocans Original