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Altevogt (1969)

Altevogt, R. (1969) Ein sexualethologischer Isolationsmechanismus bei sympatrischen Uca-Arten (Ocypodidae) des Ostpazifik. forma et functio 1:238–249. {An ethological reproductive isolation mechanism in sympatric species of Uca (Ocypodidae) of the Eastern Pacific}

Language: German with English abstract

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca annulipes ?   Uca annulipes Original  
Uca cumulanta ?   Uca cumulanta Original  
Uca festae ?   Uca festae Original  
Uca insignis ? location: Peru Uca insignis Original  
Uca mertensi ?   Uca tomentosa Synonymy  
Uca mordax ?   Uca mordax Original  
Uca princeps ? citation: Crane (1941)Uca princeps TBD Computed in part
    location: Peru Uca princeps Original  
Uca pugilator ? citation: Salmon (1965)Uca pugilator Uca pugilator Computed in part
Uca rapax ? location: Trinidad Uca rapax Original  
Uca stylifera ? citation: Crane (1941)Uca stylifera Uca stylifera Computed  
    location: Peru Uca stylifera Original  
Uca tangeri ?   Uca tangeri Original  
Uca thayeri ?   Uca thayeri Original  
Uca vocans ?   Uca vocans Original  
Uca vocator ?   Uca vocator Original  

This Publication is Cited By

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