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Primary Senior Synonym
Uca major
Original Usage
Gelasimus platydactylus
Original Source with Priority
Milne Edwards, H. (1837) Les Crustaces. Pp. 278 in Le Regne animal distribue d'apres son organisation, G. Cuvier, ed., Volume XVII. Paris
Latin for “flat-fingered.”


This name has been used multiple times. The first was by H. Milne Edwards (1837). Gelasimus platydactylus H. Milne Edwards, 1837, is a junior synonym of Uca major (Herbst, 1782).

It was later used by Monod (1927) as a variant of Uca tangeri; when he realized platydactylus was already occupied by the earlier use, he renamed his variant matandensis.

Binomials Using this Specific Name