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Primary Senior Synonym
Original Usage
Gelasimus macrodactylus
Original Source with Priority
Milne Edwards, H., and H. Lucas (1843) Crustacés. Pp. 1–39 in Voyage dans l'Amerique Meridionale (Le Brésil, la République crientale de l'Urugauy, la République Argentine, la Patagonie, la République du Chili, la République de Bolivia, la République du Pérou), exécuté pendant les années 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832 et 1833, A.D. d'Orbigny, ed., Volume VI, Part I + Atlas. Paris: Bertranad.
Named for it's large dactyl.

Locations Where the Name has Been Applied

Number of Uses of Name per Year


The original use of Gelasimus macrodactylus are for specimens from locations where fiddler crabs are not found. The collecting trip visited many different locations, so the exact one is unknown. The type specimen found in the Paris museum does not match the published description (in size or characteristics). Furthermore, the name was widely applied for a century to a number of different species, with no single one having clear dominance. Because of this ambiguity, the specific name macrodactylus was officially suppressed by the ICZN (Opinion 940, 1971).

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