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Primary Senior Synonym
Uca antiqua
Original Usage
Uca inaciobritoi
Original Source with Priority
Martins-Neto, R.G. (2001) Review of some Crustacea (Isopoda and Decapoda) from Brazilian deposits (Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic) with descriptions of new taxa. Acta Geologica Leopoldensia 24(52/53):237–254.
Named after Dr. Ignacio Machado Brito who first described and named the original fossil specimen.

Locations Where the Name has Been Applied

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Uca inaciobritoi Martins-Neto, 2001, is a junior synonym of Uca anitqua Brito, 1972. It was proposed as a substitute name when the specimen was raised to a full species, but the original subspecific anitqua retains priority.

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