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Uca leptostyla

Publications Using this Name

Citation Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Nutting (1919) text p. 182 location: Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda Uca burgersi MSR A strange typo mixing up multiple names. The author refers to figures from Rathbun (1918) and was clearly not attempting to create a new name. While geographically, it could be a reference to Uca leptodactyla, Rathbun (1921) later identifies a few specimens from the same expedition as U. mordax, although we now know that the correct identification for Rathbun's specimens should be U. burgersi.
Crane (1975) text p. 323 citation: Nutting (1919)Uca leptostyla Uca burgersi Computed Refers to original name as a laptus calami.