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Uca (Minuca) vocator

Publications Using this Name

Citation Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Holthuis (1959) text p. 16, 44, 266, 269-274, 276; figure 66-67; palte 14: figure 1; plate 15: figure 1 specimen: Suriname Uca vocator Original  
    citation: Thompson (1901)Gelasimus vocator ? Computed Holthuis states it is impossible to know which species Thompson (1901) was referring to.
    citation: Crane (1943)Uca murifecenta Uca vocator Computed  
    citation: Herbst (1804)Cancer vocator Uca vocator Computed  
Coelho & Ramos (1972) text p. 200 location: Eastern Brazil Uca vocator Original  
    citation: Holthuis (1959)Uca (Minuca) vocator Uca vocator Computed in part
    citation: Chace & Hobbs (1969)Uca vocator Uca vocator Computed  
Beinlich & von Hagen (2006) text p. 9, 27 citation: Herbst (1804)Cancer vocator Uca vocator Computed