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Gelasimus sp.

Locations Where the Name has Been Applied

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Publications Using this Name

Citation Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Müller (1864) text p. 24 location: Brazil ?   He refers to a small, unnamed species
Müller (1869) text p. 36 location: Brazil ?   He refers to a small, unnamed species
Uhler (1878) text p. 25 location: Fort Wool, Virginia, USA Uca pugnax MSR  
Pfeffer (1889) text p. 30 location: Tanzania ?    
Aurivillius (1893) text p. 30-31; plate 3: figures 1-5 specimen: unknown locality ?   This species is left unnamed and was collected at an unknown location. The figure is a broad-front, but doesn't show the major cheliped.
De Man (1895) text p. 574-576 specimen: Pontianak, Borneo, Indonesia Uca demani Ortmann (1897)  
Del Prato (1896) text p. 183 location: Eritrea ? Original  
Saville-Kent (1897) text p. 241 location: Broome, Western Australia, Australia Uca polita MSR described as “carapace in the male bright blue centrally, with a brown anterior border. The ambulatory limbs were pale yellow, and the fighting and rudimentary chaela a most delicate rose pink”
    location: Broome, Western Australia, Australia Uca mjoebergi MSR described as “the smallest species of all, having a carapace, or shell, scarcely half an inch in diameter, makes its burrows in sandy situations, far up on the beach near high spring level. Its strikingly delicate colouring included a pale lilac carapace, rose pink legs, and a large lemon-yellow fighting claw”
    location: Broome, Western Australia, Australia ?   It is not clear which species he was describing. “One form, equal in size to the scarlet species, and, in this instance, living in its vicinity, had the large, but somewhat shorter and thicker, fighting chrela in the male cream colour, while the body and all the other limbs were a slaty black.”
De Man (1902) text p. 489-491; plate 19: figure 5 location: Ternate, Maluku Islands, Indonesia TBD    
    location: Bacan, Maluku Islands, Indonesia TBD    
Gordon (1934) text p. 11, 15 specimen: Ambon Island, Maluku, Indonesia TBD    
    specimen: Kobroor Island, Aru Islands, Indonesia TBD    
    specimen: Dodinga Bay, Halmahera, Maluku Islands, Indonesia TBD    
Raut (1943) text p. 300 location: Elephanta Island, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ?    
Vijayan (2004) text p. 216 location: Ayiramthengu, Kerala, India Uca Original