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Uca marionis var. vomeris

McNeil (1920)

Uca marionis var. vomeris (McNeil 1920) image
This drawing is from McNeil (1920). It is part of the image accompanying the type description of Uca vomeris. McNeill was trying to illustrate variation in the major claw of the vomeris variety (#3-6) and the "typical" variety (#10-11, which he called Uca marionis, but we now call Uca vocans). He labeled claws #7-9 as intermediate between the two varieties. In fact, we now know that most of the illustrated variation (particularly in the "intermediates") is due to regenerated vs. non-regenerated claws, and, based on sampling locations, all of these are from Uca vomeris, except for claw #11 which is from the species Uca excisa.